Pricing and Reimbursement


Rapid access to the market depends on a strategy for price and reimbursement and early communication with national and local payers. The local Nordic regulations and practices that affect pricing are increasing in complexity, with special situations arising for orphan drugs, products with restricted reimbursement and/or special conditions connected to the reimbursement decision, drugs with upcoming generic competition, and so forth. Our pricing and reimbursement team have extensive HTA-authority experience and are ready to assist you in preparing and adapting successful dossiers and strategies.


The value of the right price

The Nordic reimbursement legislations differ from country to country. In addition, payers such as county councils or pharmacy chains are adding to the complexity of getting reimbursement for a drug in the Nordic. As an example, the three-party negotiation between HTA authorities, county councils and companies that is in place in Sweden involves new challenges by the introduction of separate pricing negotiations and several competing companies involved.

Managed introductions

Another example is the so-called managed introduction, when all county councils, several governmental agencies and the pharmaceutical industry collaborate in a common process when introducing new medicines. From an international perspective, the introduction of conditional approvals and other models of limited approvals (as more data becomes available) also spill over to the HTA authority reimbursement strategies.

Here, real world data and phase III studies play an increasingly important role in the life-cycle management of the product to show cost effectiveness and properly document QALY’s and other aspects of value-based pricing.

Population analysis and cost-effectiveness modelling

Through our scientific background and knowledge of different national and local therapeutic guidelines, we also perform analyses of patient populations. This way, we can aid you in identifying the correct comparator in budget impact and cost-effectiveness modelling.